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  • Naloxone Kits

    Naloxone Kits in Kelowna

    When it comes to addiction, one of the things we have to be realistic about is the possibility of overdosing. This is a very real concern especially with the overdose emergency of opioids going on today. In the community, there are Naloxone kits available to …

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  • Work Out

    Why Do Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers Encourage Physical Fitness And Exercise?

    Drug and alcohol treatment centers can be found in almost every variety and type, but almost all of these facilities include some type of physical fitness regimen. Why do these programs encourage exercise and physical fitness though? There are several reasons why fitness and exercise …

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  • What Is An Enabler And Do You Fit This Description?

    What constitutes enabling an addiction or other problem behaviors? When is the line crossed between helping someone and enabling them? An enabler is anyone who takes on responsibilities or worries for another person that the individual should be doing for themselves. Whether the problem is …

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  • Why Does Addiction Treatment Fail?

    Addiction treatment is a common need, with estimates that between ten and fifteen percent of all Americans have a substance abuse problem at any time. Unfortunately most of the time addiction treatment does not work, and the failure rates for most rehabs can be very …

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  • What Is A Residential Treatment Center, And What Are The Benefits?

      A residential treatment center may also be called a rehab, and it is a facility where the clients live while receiving substance abuse treatment. It is also possible to find other types of a residential treatment center as well, because some of these facilities …

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