Does Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Absence Indicate Substance Abuse Treatment?

alcohol treatment, Jesse Jackson Jr., severe depression

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr has been missing in action for some time now, and his representatives have not been forthcoming and up front about where the congressman is or what type of treatment he is receiving. Some sources that are close to Jackson and his family who refuse to be identified have described a battle with alcoholism, and these sources say that Jesse is receiving substance abuse treatment. The problem is not that Jackson Jr. has an issue with alcohol, instead it is an issue of an elected leader being secretive and unable to fulfill the job duties. A family friend described severe clinical depression combined with an alcohol problem. If Jesse Jackson Jr. is receiving substance abuse treatment then he should be applauded for realizing there is a problem, but he also needs to be honest with his constituents and step down until he is fully capable of taking on the job he was elected to.




Substance abuse treatment should involve an intensive treatment regimen, and it is important that anyone receiving this treatment minimizes the stress they experience until they are fully recovered. Being a congressman is a very stressful position, and one that requires a clear head. While Jesse Jackson Jr. is receiving treatment, whether it is for a mental disorder or a substance abuse problem, the people who elected him are not being adequately represented. The taxpayers deserve a congressman who has his head in the job, not one who is struggling with personal issues and has not been seen in congress for some time. Even fellow Democrats are calling for answers. Dick Durbin stated As a public official … there reaches a point when you have a responsibility to tell people what you’re facing and how things are going.” 


Pete Doherty Is Asked To Leave Drug Rehab In Thailand, Because He Is Not Ready For Recovery

Pete Doherty, rehab termination

Pete Doherty, the British rocker who has a very troubled past, will not complete a one month course of substance abuse treatment at the high end rehab in Thailand where he was staying. According to public reports Doherty would not swear off drugs for good, and this resulted in being asked to leave the rehab. The marketing director for the exclusive substance abuse treatment facility is Ben Moller. Moller told reporters “At the end of the day — and this is actually quite common in the rehab institution — he basically worked out that he wasn’t ready for recovery. To have even one person here out of 20 people or so that’s not even motivated to be recovered or to achieve recovery, it’s really disruptive for the other ones and that’s not because of Pete doing anything intentionally disruptive.”




The Cabin is a very high end rehab facility. According to the rehab Pete Doherty did make progress during his stay, and he did not resume drug use while at the facility. The decision for Doherty to leave was a mutual one, and was caused by his lack of commitment to a drug free life. Until Doherty is truly ready for a complete recovery even the most expensive and effective substance abuse treatment in the world can not help if an individual does not want to stop the substance abuse. Because he was not ready for this step Pete Doherty was asked to leave, and he knew that this was the best solution for everyone including the patients who actually wanted treatment for substance abuse problems. 


Hookah Use Is Up Among Freshman Female College Students

hookah use, substance abuse among college students

Approximately 25% of first year female college students report using a hookah, which is a water pipe that may be used for flavored tobacco or can be used to smoke marijuana as well. The study results point to the possibility of a link between college students who drink and those who smoke marijuana. The research was performed by The Miriam Hospital’s Center for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine. According to the study results individuals who drink alcohol are more likely to try experimenting with hookah smoking, and females who used marijuana were more likely to use a hookah to smoke the drug after consuming alcohol. The online version of Psychology of Addictive Behaviors has included the study on their website.


In the last 20 years the rate of hookah use among young adults has gone up drastically, and there is a mistaken belief that because a hookah uses water to smoke through that this is a safer form of smoking. The truth is that the hookah carries the same risks of using tobacco or marijuana in other forms, and these risks include cancer and a number of respiratory illnesses and diseases. Robyn L. Fielder, M.S., who works as a research intern for Miriam Hospital’s Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine, was the lead author of this study. She explained the importance of the study, saying “The popularity and social nature of hookah smoking, combined with the fact that college freshmen are more likely to experiment with risky behavior, could set the stage for a potential public health issue, given what we know about the health risks of hookah smoking.”


DUI Arrest For Marshawn Lynch Should Be A Wake Up Call For The Running Back

DUI arrest, Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch, the running back for the Seattle Seahawks, was recently arrested for DUI in Emoryville, California. Lynch must appear in court on August 14, 2012 to answer to a charge of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and and a charge of driving while having a blood-alcohol level of .08 or higher. This is not the first legal problem that the running back has had, but the NFL has not stated whether Lynch can expect the newest charges to be affected by past criminal cases or not. According to police reports Lynch was pulled over after a California Highway Patrol officer noticed that Marshawn was visibly weaving while driving on Interstate 880 in Northern California near Oakland. The police officer created an incident report that describes Lynch as almost colliding with two other vehicles.


Marshawn Lynch was tested and the initial preliminary blood alcohol content reading was 0.08, which put Lynch above the legal limit for driving. A second subsequent test showed that he had a rising alcohol level at the time, leading the attorney for Lynch to claim that the running back was not above the legal limit when he was first stopped. At least Marshawn Lynch had the class to issue an apology, stating “I want to apologize to my family, the Seattle Seahawks, the NFL and the 12th Man for the negative attention resulting from my recent actions. This is not the type of community leader I have been over the last two years or the one I’m striving to become. I want to assure everyone that I will work to be better and look forward to a very exciting, and very successful season with the Seattle Seahawks.”


Marijuana Use During Pregnancy May Double The Risk Of Premature Birth

marijuana use and pregnancy, rehab for marijuana use

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have recently completed a study which shows that marijuana use by pregnant women can significantly increase the risk of premature birth, and the risk is more than twice that of women who do not use marijuana at all during a pregnancy. This medical study involved over 3,000 women who were pregnant, and the results have determined all of the risk factors for a preterm birth, which can lead to serious medical complications for the newborn and even problems later in life. The lead author and study researcher was Professor Dekker. To illustrate the study findings Dekker explained “Our study has found that the risk factors for both forms of preterm birth vary greatly, with a wide variety of health conditions and histories impacting on preterm birth.”




The possible risk factors for premature birth are very varied. The research study lists many factors that can contribute to premature birth, and marijuana use is one of these factors. Even the use of this drug before pregnancy can cause a higher rate of early births. “Better understanding the risk factors involved in preterm birth moves us another step forward in potentially developing a test – genetic or otherwise – that will help us to predict with greater accuracy the risk of preterm birth. Our ultimate aim is to safeguard the lives of babies and their health in the longer term,” according to Professor Dekker. This study underlines the importance of substance abuse treatment, and ideally this treatment will be offered before pregnancy even occurs.