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Bath Salts: What You Need To Know!

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Bath salts are one of the latest substance abuse trends to hit the street, and this is a public safety issue that affects everyone. These are designers drugs that are being seen in drug treatment centers everywhere, even in BC and other areas of Canada. Thanks to the passage of the Synthetic Drug Abuse Prevention Act in 2012 many of the chemicals and substances used to make these illicit and dangerous drugs are illegal. It is not known yet whether bath salts are addictive because they are relatively new and long term studies have not been possible to date. What is known is that these designer substances have a stimulant effect and almost all of the drugs in this category have a high potential for abuse, dependence, and addiction.


When bath salts are used the effects can be extreme, and very dangerous. In the last few years there have been a number of horrific attacks by individuals on these substances, and the victims in these cases were often innocent people unknown to the user. Thoughts of suicide or violence against others are common, and the user may become extremely agitated or paranoid. Hallucinations are also common with bath salt use and there is no standardized formula used to make these street drugs. Each illegal chemist may use different compounds and chemicals so there is no consistency between batches or brands. Bath salts are a very dangerous substance that can lead to death or permanent disability, as well as violence or aggression towards others. If you or someone you love have a problem with bath salts then Valiant Recovery can help you take your life back.