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The Benefits of Personalized Substance Abuse Treatment are Numerous

benefits of personalized substance abuse treatment

Personalized substance abuse treatment offers many benefits over a standard plan that is not customized for the individual. If you have a substance abuse problem then the reasons that you turn to drugs or alcohol will not always be the same as someone else, and the contributing factors to your problem need to be uncovered and addressed in order for the treatment to be successful. Personalized substance abuse treatment will get to the root of your substance abuse issues, not what is causing the drug or alcohol use in someone else. Some rehab centers and treatment programs try to use a single treatment plan for everybody but this will not provide exceptional results. In fact these facilities often have higher than normal relapse rates, and that can mean future rounds of treatment may be needed.

Choosing a program that offers personalized substance abuse treatment can help you keep costs lower, because you will get better results. The initial cost may be higher in order to take advantage of individual counseling and other proven treatment methods, but when you receive personalized substance abuse treatment you are far more likely to recover permanently during the first round. Individual counseling sessions involve one on one sessions with a professional so that you can uncover hidden wounds and address the contributing factors in your case. This is the only way that true healing can start, but a lot of programs do not include one on one counseling because it is more expensive to provide.

What other personalized substance abuse treatment benefits can you think of to share?