• More Common Mental Illness Misconceptions

    The numbers for mental disorders are exaggerated. This misconception is especially damaging because people are hesitant to ask for help. Roughly 1 in 5 American adults suffer from some type of mental illness, and these conditions are much more common than you may think. In …

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    3 Common Mental Illness Misconceptions

    When it comes to mental illness and mental disorders there are some common misconceptions. Some of these are absurd, some are more plausible, but they are all dangerous and damaging. Someone who suffers from one or more mental disorders needs support, attention, and treatment, but …

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    New Child Safety Strategy Developed for Antidepressants

    SSRI antidepressants are the standard when it comes to pharmaceutical depression care, but these medications do have some risks and child safety concerns when used for kids and adolescents. Careful prescription practices and medical monitoring and oversight are crucial. These drugs may increase the risk …

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  • Are SSRI Antidepressants Effective? New Analysis Says Yes!

    Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, also called SSRIs, are commonly used as antidepressants. Some claim that these drugs are ineffective, but a new analysis may show otherwise. University of Gothenburg researchers discovered that the claims were partially based on misinterpretation of past clinical trial outcomes. As …

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  • Is It Substance Abuse or Mental Illness?

    Is someone that you know and care about acting unusual? How can you tell if it is substance abuse or mental illness? Both of these issues can have similar symptoms, and often someone will have both conditions at the same time and require a dual …

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