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  • Family Together1

    Effective Substance Abuse Treatment Includes Family Involvement

    Many substance abuse treatment programs forbid family involvement and other contacts with the outside world, but studies have shown that involving loved ones in the treatment process can make it more effective and help the entire family unit start to heal from the substance abuse. …

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  • The Link Between Alcoholism and Denial

      Denial by both alcoholics, their friends, and family is one of the most powerful processes that keep the cycle of addiction going. It hides the damage and the importance the issue in ways that eliminate any chance of recovery. Facing facts with simple questions …

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  • Alcohol Use by Women Increases their Risks of Unprotected Sex and STIs

    A new study has researchers concluding that alcohol use by women increases their risk of having unprotected sex and of catching STIs, or sexually transmitted infections. University of Cincinnati College of Medicine researchers found that 66.9% of women who were college aged had unprotected sex …

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  • Alcohol Dependence

    Excessive Alcohol Consumption Can Cause Lung Damage

    A new research study at Loyola University Chicago has revealed that excessive alcohol consumption can lead to lung damage, as well as a variety of other problems. Heart disease, cancer, and liver problems are all known effects of alcohol abuse, but the latest study shows …

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  • Ptsd

    College Freshmen With PTSD Should Avoid Alcohol Use During Recovery

    PTSD symptoms can vary widely for college freshmen who have been diagnosed with this mental health condition after experiencing previous trauma, and University at Buffalo researchers have determined that alcohol use can slow the recovery from PTSD for many students. Young adults who have post …

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