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    Everything You Need to Know About Fentanyl

    Recently, there have been reports of fentanyl overdoses, and especially from fentanyl-laced drugs in situations where people likely did not even know they were coming in contact with fentanyl. So, what has made this dangerous drug the talk of the town? Why does it seem …

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  • What is Dewshine and Why is it so Dangerous?

    Recent news reports about the death of two Tennessee teenagers shows that teens in every continent around the world will get creative when it comes to finding cheap thrills and risk taking highs. Dewshine is apparently one of the latest fads in parts of the …

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  • LSD Facts and Statistics

    The use of LSD is a form of substance abuse, and there are many facts and statistics about this drug that may be surprising or even unexpected. Some interesting facts and statistics about this drug include: The most common users of LSD are white males …

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  • What is LSD and Can it Cause Addiction?

    LSD, technically called lysergic acid diethylamide, is a drug that alters the senses and causes hallucinations for most people. Can this drug cause addiction though? How dangerous is LSD and how common is this drug? LSD was first discovered by Albert Hofmann, a Swiss chemist …

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  • Synthetic Pot has Caused ER Visits in United States to Rise Substantially According to a New Report

    ER visits for synthetic pot have more than doubled in the last few years in the United States of America, in spite of laws that ban these drugs from being sold in store in the country. Synthetic pot, often sold under names like K2 and …

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