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    Are Designer Drugs Addictive? Is Drug Rehab Needed With These Substances?

    Designer drugs may sound like something that the wealthy use, like designer cars and other top quality products with a high price tag, but the truth is that these substances are extremely dangerous. Are designer drugs addictive though? A common misconception is that designer drugs …

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    What are Designer Drugs?

    What are designer drugs and why is there so much concern for these illegal substances? Designer drugs are substances that are made in a lab or on the street, and they are chemically created by people rather than being derived from natural plants and typical …

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    Krokodil Hits USA, Drug Treatment Programs Expect to See Users Soon

    While drug treatment programs and addiction treatment centers have not seen clients who use the new designer drug from Russia called Krokodil it is only a matter of time, if the user survives long enough to seek treatment. Krokodil is a designer drug that has …

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    Bath Salts: What You Need To Know!

    Bath salts are one of the latest substance abuse trends to hit the street, and this is a public safety issue that affects everyone. These are designers drugs that are being seen in drug treatment centers everywhere, even in BC and other areas of Canada. …

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    What Are Bath Salts And Why Are They Dangerous?

    In recent months a new type of drug has received widespread attention, and these are called bath salts. These are not substances that you put in your bath in order to relax and relieve stress, they are substances that are used in order to alter …

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