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    What is Carfentanil?

    Carfentanil, sometimes called carfentanyl or by the brand name Wildnil, is a drug that is the synthetic version of fentanyl and it is an extremely powerful opioid. This specific fentanyl analog is not approved in the USA for use in humans but it is allowed …

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    How Does Prescription Drug Abuse Lead to Heroin Use?

    Prescription drug abuse is one of the biggest threats facing North America today, and another is the epidemic of heroin abuse and overdose deaths in recent years. Many people who start to use heroin do not start with this drug, they begin with prescription opioid …

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    Does Marijuana Increase the Risk of Substance Use Disorders?

    Marijuana has been termed a gateway drug by some while being touted as a medical miracle cure by others, depending on who you talk to. New research suggests that marijuana use can increase the risk of substance abuse disorders in people who use this drug …

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    Opioid Abuse Risks May Increase After Common Surgical Procedures for Many Patients

    Opioid abuse is on the rise across North America, and recent research shows that common surgical procedures include a standard practice of opioid prescribing. First time opioid exposure after one of these procedures could make some patients more vulnerable to opioid abuse in the future. …

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    What is Marijuana Use Disorder? Is This an Addiction?

    A recent study from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health shows that around 6 million adults in America have experienced marijuana use disorder in the last year alone. What is this though? Is it an addiction to marijuana? Marijuana use disorder is a classified …

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