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  • 4 Common Questions About Naloxene Rescue Kits

    1. What are Naloxene rescue kits? These kits have everything needed to start reversing an overdose so that the individual who took the drug has a better chance of surviving the event without permanent damage. The kit contains a drug called naloxene which reverses opioids …

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  • Fatal Overdose Rates In USA From Narcotic Pain Medications Have Tripled

    Fatal overdose rates in the USA from narcotic pain medications have tripled in recent years, causing concern among healthcare professionals and law enforcement agencies. In addition the OD rates for heroin have also tripled in number during the same decade. These surprising facts can be …

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  • Opioid Abuse and Heroin Use Linked

    The Atlanta based Center for Disease Control, or CDC, has confirmed a link between opioid abuse and heroin use. This link was identified by the rates of overdose deaths from prescription opioid abuse and the fatal overdose rates of heroin use. There have been many …

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  • Heroin Addiction Affects The Entire Family

    Heroin Addiction Affects Everyone

    Heroin addiction is an addiction that affects everyone. The user has their lives turned inside out, and functioning without this drug is difficult or seems to be impossible. Friends and family members are also affected by heroin abuse in many different ways as well. Loved …

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  • High Heroin Addiction and Relapse Rates Show the Need for Intensive Substance Abuse Treatment

    Canada and the United States have both seen high heroin addiction and relapse rates, and many feel that there is a shortage of intensive substance abuse treatment options available. Community programs and government facilities do not usually offer more than a band aid for the …

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