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  • Blog Post Week 36 2

    What Effects Does Marijuana Have On The Brain?

    Marijuana can be a dangerous drug, and the push to legalize it in some states may send the wrong message to kids and younger adults. What effect does marijuana have on the brain, and why is it harmful? THC is the active compound in this …

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  • Blog Post Week 35 5

    9 Facts And Statistics About Teens And Marijuana Use!

    1. The statistics show that more teenagers experiment with marijuana than alcohol during the middle school and high school period, and the use of this drug is very widespread. 2. Teens have a harder time getting alcohol because this substance is carefully controlled and a …

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  • Blog Post Week 36 1

    Is A Marijuana Addiction Possible?

    Is marijuana addictive or is this just a story to discourage the use of this drug? Some state that this substance is all natural and that addiction is not possible, but if that is the case then why do users tend to follow the same …

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  • Is Medical Marijuana Harmful Or Helpful?

    A number of states have passed medical marijuana laws, and recently two have even legalized the recreational use of pot. Does this drug have any medical benefits or is it harmful instead? The medical studies have shown mixed results as far as the medical value …

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  • Blog Post Week 26 4

    5 Reasons That Lawyers Usually Benefit More From An Executive Rehab Program

    1. Lawyers and other professionals have high standards and are used to certain luxuries and amenities. A typical treatment program is crowded and stressful, and has a difficult environment to recover in. These programs have lower success rates due to these factors. An executive rehab …

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