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  • Blog Post Week 21 4

    5 Ways To Seek Help For Substance Abuse Or Addiction

    1. Go Online- The Internet can be a very valuable resource for anyone who knows how to use a computer and search the web. There are many websites that are designed for substance abuse treatment programs, and these offer information about the program as well …

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  • Blog Post Week 20 5

    5 Types Of Specialized Substance Abuse Recovery Programs Available

    1. Dual Diagnosis Substance Abuse Treatment Programs- A dual diagnosis treatment program can benefit anyone who may have both substance abuse issues and mental illness disorders. A dual diagnosis may be difficult for programs not specifically designed to meet these needs, because careful evaluation needs …

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  • Blog Post Week 19 5

    5 Ways To Help A Loved One With An Addiction

    1. Arrange An Intervention- Sometimes an intervention may help the addict see just how the substance abuse affects friends and family members. Setting up an intervention may be the step that causes the addict to realize that help is needed, and this step may lead …

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  • Blog Post Week 19 2

    Substance Abuse, Treatment, And Recovery Facts And Statistics

      The studies and statistics show that individuals being treated for substance abuse or addiction have a relapse rate comparable to many chronic conditions. This makes the choice of treatment program even more important. Individual counseling is required to root out the specific causes of …

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  • Blog Post Week 19 1

    Comparing Addiction Recovery With Other Chronic Diseases

    Addiction is just like any other chronic disease or medical condition, and both groups tend to relapse and fall back into old habits that can have medical consequences. Individuals who have asthma, diabetes, and high blood pressure often relapse and do not take the medications …

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