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  • Blog Post Week 49 2

    Methamphetamine Use Can Cause Serious Medical Complications

    The use of methamphetamine can cause many medical complications, up to and including death. This drug affects the cardiovascular system and can create havoc in the body. When meth is used then the user will typically experience an increase in heart rate and blood pressure …

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  • Cocaine Treatment Programs

    Methamphetamine Labs Pose Dangers To Entire Communities.

    Methamphetamine addiction is becoming a serious problem in many US cities, and this drug poses dangers and risks to everyone in the affected communities and not just the user. Methamphetamine is produced through a highly volatile process that involves chemicals that have many risks. When …

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  • Blog Post Week 43 4

    Do You Know What To Look For With Amphetamine Abuse?

    Amphetamine is a serious concern today, and this form of substance abuse is highly addictive and extremely destructive. Amphetamine use in any form can have many serious side effects and pose numerous dangers. There are a limited number of medical conditions that may be treated …

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  • Blog Post Week 42 5

    What Is Ice?

    Ice is known as one of the most dangerous street drugs that can be abused, but what is it and how does it work in the body? This is the strongest type of methamphetamine available and it is found in a crystal form that is …

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  • Blog Post Week 36 7

    Recognizing The Symptoms Of A Crystal Meth Addiction!

    When you start using crystal meth then the signs and symptoms of addiction will start within a few weeks. These are very visible and it is obvious to others that there is an addiction problem with this substance. Weight loss is the first symptom and …

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