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    Study Shows Improvement in Overall Health When Interactive Rehab Used

    According to a recent Kaiser Permanente San Francisco outpatient addiction treatment clinic patients who have access to interactive rehab tend to experience an improvement in overall health. The study involved 503 people who were assigned to receive standard care or standard care plus the LINKAGE …

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  • Health

    Should Hydromorphone be Used to Treat Heroin Addiction?

    Hydromorphone, a strong opioid pain medication, could be used as one method of treatment for heroin addiction according to a new study out of Canada. Over 200 heroin addicts from the Vancouver area were involved in the study and these individuals did not respond well …

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  • Executive Crossing Point

    5 Reasons Rehab May Not Lead to a Successful Recovery

    For many people relapse is part of the recovery process, but there are some common reasons why rehab may not be successful the first time around or even with repeated attempts at treatment in these facilities. These reasons include: 1. Wrong Rehab Facility or Treatment …

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  • Are Medications Necessary to Treat Substance Abuse?

    When it comes to substance abuse treatments there are many different choices and options out there, and some may be better or more effective than others. Some treatment programs use medications, others provide psychotherapy, and still others use a combination of these two approaches. Some …

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  • Wishing You Happy Holidays and a Successful Recovery

    Christmas is here and all of us at Valiant Recovery want to wish you Happy Holidays and a successful recovery during this time of year. The stress of the holiday season can make relapse a bigger risk than at almost any other time of year …

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