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  • Blog Post Week 26 7

    4 Reasons To Choose A Luxury Substance Abuse Treatment Program!

    1. Less Stress- Undergoing substance abuse treatment can be a very stressful time. To recover completely you will need to relax and work through your specific contributing issues, and everyone has different contributing factors for their addiction. Stress prevents this and makes it more difficult …

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  • Blog Post Week 26 4

    5 Reasons That Lawyers Usually Benefit More From An Executive Rehab Program

    1. Lawyers and other professionals have high standards and are used to certain luxuries and amenities. A typical treatment program is crowded and stressful, and has a difficult environment to recover in. These programs have lower success rates due to these factors. An executive rehab …

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  • Blog Post Week 26 1

    5 Ways To Reach Out For Addiction Help!

    If you need addiction help the following 5 methods can help you reach out and get this help quickly:       1. Call an addiction hotline. There are many hotlines out there to help individuals with varying addiction issues. The professionals who staff the …

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  • Blog Post Week 25 6

    Latest Tramadol Study On Painkiller Abuse Shows Surprising Statistics!

    The latest research studies on Tramadol and painkiller abuse reveals some surprising statistics. The rate of prescriptions that are written for painkillers by physicians in America has increased by more than 600% in just 10 years. American consumers are responsible for the consumption of 80% …

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  • Blog Post Week 25 5

    Can Relapse Risks Be Identified With Neuroimaging?

    Indiana University has released a new report showing that neuroimaging may be able to predict the relapse risks associated with a specific individual. According to the research neuroimaging can help physicians determine which individuals will be able to quit their substance abuse and which individuals …

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