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  • Sleep Problems

    Can Teen Sleep Problems Accurately Predict Teen Substance Abuse?

    A recent study on teen sleep problems and teen substance abuse show that there is a link between these two factors. Though there is a proven relationship between teen sleep problems and teen substance abuse this relationship is one that is highly complex and very …

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  • Warning Sign

    Is Synthetic Marijuana Safer Than the Real Thing?

    Synthetic marijuana is gaining in popularity in spite of all the warnings about dangers and teen drug use, and some people wonder if this popularity shows that the synthetic version of the drug is safer and less risky that actual weed. The truth is that …

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  • Parent With Her Children

    5 Things Parents and Teens Need to Know About Synthetic Marijuana

    1. Teen drug use is on the rise, and many teens believe that synthetic marijuana is safe. These drugs are sold in many stores and available at local retailers in most populated areas, and many teens view them as a safer alternative to street drugs …

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  • Hashish Teen Substance Abuse Examined in New Study

    A new study examines teen substance abuse for hashish, and the study has identified certain factors that may increase the risks that a teen will use this drug. According to Joseph Palamar, an assistant professor at NYU Langone Medical Center and a researcher who has …

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  • Stimulant Abuse in the Workplace

    Stimulant abuse by employees is becoming more common in North America, and according to the experts there is no available data about just how prevalent this practice is but what is known is that the number of people who abuse stimulant drugs and who use …

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