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    What are Inhalants and Are They Addictive?

    Inhalants are substances that are abused by inhaling the vapors or fumes, and these substances include a wide variety of common household solvents, cleaners, and aerosol products. This form of substance abuse is extremely harmful and can lead to serious medical problems or even death. …

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  • Heroin Addiction Affects The Entire Family

    Heroin Addiction Affects Everyone

    Heroin addiction is an addiction that affects everyone. The user has their lives turned inside out, and functioning without this drug is difficult or seems to be impossible. Friends and family members are also affected by heroin abuse in many different ways as well. Loved …

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  • Pill Question Mark

    Tips to Prevent Teen Prescription Drug Abuse and Addiction

    One of the most likely places for teens to access prescription drugs and OTC medications is in their own homes and the homes of friends and family members. Easy access is often the first step in the process when it comes to teen prescription drug …

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  • Youth Drinking

    The Wrong Alcohol Abuse and Addiction Treatment Program May Lead to Relapse

    The wrong alcohol abuse and addiction treatment program could mean that you have a much higher risk for a relapse after you leave the treatment facility, and your drinking may continue to be a big problem and an obstacle to a normal life. Every alcohol abuse …

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  • Magic Mushrooms

    What are Magic Mushrooms and are They Found in Canada?

    What are magic mushrooms? Are these illegal fungi found in Canada? These are two very common questions. Magic mushrooms are mushrooms that contain psilocybin, which is a compound that is hallucinogenic and psychoactive. This ingredient can only be found in a specific mushroom species, and …

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