Do You Need Another Round of Substance Abuse Treatment? 5 Ways to Tell!

relapse, substance abuse treatment

1. If substance abuse treatment has been received in the past and you start to feel like you are slipping downward again then you may want to go in for another round of treatment. This can prevent you from using once more and ensure that you stay on the right track instead of slipping backwards.

2. If you relapse then additional rehab is necessary so that you can get back on the wagon instead of spiraling out of control again. Once you start to use again you will slip back into old habits and patterns, and additional treatment will be needed to stop this.

3. If you find yourself visiting old places and engaging in old activities then you need further substance abuse treatment, even if you have not actually started to use again. These triggers are commonly the downfall of even those who have been sober for a long time.

4. If you notice that your cravings are severe then you are getting close to a relapse and you should seek out a rehab program to prevent this. This can help you avoid going back to your previous ways and help you stay strong in your resolve to abstain from drugs or alcohol .

5. You need more substance abuse treatment if your previous rehab program did not take and you end up back to your drug or alcohol abuse. Some of the cheapest programs, usually those run by governments and charities, do not have high success rates because their methods are not as effective.


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