Do You Need Inpatient Substance Abuse Treatment?

inpatient substance abuse treatment, outpatient addiction program

One of the first questions that you probably have if you have a drug or alcohol problem is whether you need inpatient substance abuse or whether an outpatient addiction program will work just as well. The answer depends on your specific situation. Important factors that will help determine whether you need inpatient or outpatient help will depend on many things, including:

  • The actual substance being abused
  • Any insurance coverage restrictions
  • How long the substance abuse has been going on
  • The amount of the drug or alcohol used
  • The frequency of the substance abuse
  • The withdrawal symptoms experienced
  • The age of the user
  • The health and current medical condition of the user
  • Any mental illness or other disorders occurring at the same time

Inpatient substance abuse treatment may be required for alcohol addiction, certain drugs, and if there is a potential for a dual diagnosis. There are also other situations which may call for inpatient substance abuse treatment. An outpatient addiction program may be a better choice if you are highly motivated to stop using as long as you include group and individual counseling each week. Sometimes insurance will not cover inpatient substance abuse treatment but it may cover an outpatient addiction program and weekly individual therapy sessions. Substance abuse is a complex condition that may involve social factors, genetic components, and environmental variables. No two cases are the same, and the best possible decision in one case may be the opposite of the best possible decision in another situation.


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