Do You Really Need That Drug?

prescription drug abuse on the rise

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise, and marketing has to take some of the blame. Every time you turn on the television pharmaceutical companies are advertising new drugs for every condition under the sun. The list of side effects and possible complications with many of these drugs can be much worse than they condition that they are prescribed to treat. It can be easy to fall into a trap where you take one drug for the problem, and then other drugs to minimize the side effects of the first drug. To top it all off you have to secure your prescription and over the counter medications if you have other people in the home. It has become common for patients to go to the doctor and to demand a certain drug because they saw it advertised, and that is what the drug companies are hoping for.

In order to prevent prescription drug abuse ask yourself if you really need that drug before you request it from your doctor. There are some conditions that are serious enough to need prescription drugs, but with others home remedies and OTC medications may work just as well. If you do need prescription drugs make sure that you keep them safely locked away where kids, teenagers, and family members can not access them. This will help you prevent substance abuse by someone you know, and ensure that the drugs you need are available when you need them. Don’t let advertising pressure you into asking for drugs, instead discuss your medical issues with your doctor and ask for their advice.

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