Road To Recovery

Does Relapse Have to be Part of Substance Abuse Recovery?

relapse, substance abuse recovery

Relapse is a problem that is common during substance abuse recovery, but does this have to be? Some people believe that anyone who suffers from addiction and goes through rehab will relapse, but this is not always the case. It is possible to achieve substance abuse recovery without relapsing, but there are some key factors that must be involved. Treatment for substance abuse does not involve a one size fits all plan, each individual uses alcohol or drugs for a variety of personal reasons, and everyone has different backgrounds and hidden traumas that may contribute to substance abuse. An individualized treatment plan that is customized for the individual is the best way to achieve recovery the first time around, and this may eliminate the need for future rounds of treatment because the underlying causes of the addiction are addressed and resolved.

For some people the substance abuse recovery process will involve a relapse, sometimes more than just a single incident, but when the right program and facility for treatment is chosen the risk of a relapse is much lower. One on one counseling is critical in order to promote substance abuse recovery. If this type of counseling is not offered then it may not be possible for someone to have a permanent recovery. As long as invisible wounds and hidden traumas are still present then the risk of relapsing will be much higher. Some substance abuse recovery programs offer individual counseling while others rely on group counseling alone because of the costs involved.


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