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Eating Disorders are Real and They Can be Deadly!

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Few people think of eating disorders when they think of addictions, but these conditions can be just as devastating and deadly as any alcohol or drug abuse. The reason that eating disorders occur is not fully known. Some specialists speculate that the individual controls their eating patterns and food intake because they feel that other areas are beyond their control. An eating disorder can include binge eating, and the food consumed takes the place of the substance. Individuals may eat too much or starve themselves, and either end of the spectrum is disastrous for their health. Overweight individuals may be addicted to the emotional comfort that the food provides, while those who starve may feel empowered by the decision to eat little or nothing each day.


If you have an eating disorder then you have an unhealthy view of food. Proper nutrition is vital to health and well being, and this requires food on a regular basis. Eating disorder treatment should include counseling and therapy to identify the root cause of the problem, as well as other methods that are also very beneficial. Treatment programs for eating disorders range from complex and highly effective to simple programs that provide little long term results. If you or someone you care about seems to have an eating disorder then help is needed. Valiant Recovery offers one of the best eating disorder treatment programs found anywhere, with a high success rate and proven results. An eating disorder can be treated and eliminated with the right program choice and therapy types.


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