Efforts to Combat Substance Abuse in Canada Give Mixed Results

drug and alcohol abuse, substance abuse in Canada

Substance abuse in Canada is a hot topic, and the rate of drug and alcohol abuse can be high in many parts of this country. Various efforts by government agencies, law enforcement, and medical professionals have seen mixed results. The population of Canada has high rates of alcohol abuse, and drug abuse is becoming common even in less populated areas as well. The rise in substance abuse in Canada has some calling this trend an epidemic, and programs to try and slow the rate have seen different degrees of success. Early education and prevention programs do make a difference and can help keep adolescents and young adults away from substance abuse but these programs are not widely available in every area of the country.

Canada is not alone when it comes to high rates of drug and alcohol abuse. The rate of substance abuse in Canada is high in some areas, but this is also true of other North American countries like the United States and Mexico as well. As long as there is a demand for alcohol stores will continue to sell it, and as long as there is a market for drugs people will find ways to get these substances into Canada. Substance abuse in Canada is no laughing matter, many people in this country die every day from drug and alcohol abuse and many others have their lives destroyed by these substances. Various efforts to fight drug and alcohol abuse have varying levels of success, and there is no denying that there is an epidemic of alcohol and drug addiction that needs to be addressed effectively.


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