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Why is Equine Therapy Used During Substance Abuse Treatment?

equine therapy, substance abuse treatment

The best substance abuse treatment programs will offer many different types of treatment, and one of these is equine therapy. This type of treatment offers many benefits to those with substance abuse issues who are working towards a permanent recovery. Equine therapy uses horses in the treatment, and this has a good rate of success in many cases. While you are in substance abuse treatment you will spend time with the horses, and this can help you rebuild trust and learn to feel once more. When you have substance abuse issues you may have difficulty relating to others, and distrust is a common problem. Horses are not threatening, they do not judge, and they can help you learn how to relate to something in a way that helps resolve your trust issues. Isolation is also common among those who have substance abuse and addiction problems.

Many substance abuse treatment programs do not offer equine therapy because of the costs involved, but if you do not learn how to trust again and relate to others then you may not stay in recovery once you leave the program. The goal of equine therapy and to allow you to form close attachments once more, in a way that does not carry any risk of judgment or rejection. In addition to helping you learn to trust again equine therapy can also boost your confidence and self esteem. The psychological benefits of this type of substance abuse treatment program can be numerous, and this component should be sought when you are trying to find the right treatment program for your substance abuse issues.

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