What Is An Executive Rehab? Why Is It More Expensive?

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What Is An Executive Rehab? Why Is It More Expensive?


addiction rehabilitation British Columbia, executive rehab, cost, relapse, valiant recovery, luxury rehab, costAn executive rehab can include a very hefty price tag, but along with the cost there are many additional benefits to these facilities and programs as well, making them well worth the additional expense. Executives who are successful are used to a certain level of luxury, comfort, and personal attention, and this can not be found at a typical government run or public rehab center. A Luxury rehab is one which understands why permanent results are needed, and that money is no object when it comes to getting and staying clean. As a high level professional complete recovery is a must, and executive rehab programs have the budget to include the methods necessary to eliminate your addictions once and for all.


CEO’s suffer from high levels of stress, just like any other business professional, and often substance abuse is the result. An executive rehab facility can help you work on your recovery without giving up the comforts and luxuries that you are accustomed to, so that your recovery is successful and you leave treatment without the usual high risks of a relapse. An executive retreat is designed for those who can afford the cost and insist on only the best, whether it is the treatment offered, the residential setting, or the dining experiences while in the program. Substance abuse treatment does not have to feel like a sentence or a punishment, instead you should be able to work through your issues and identify the causes to eliminate them for good without distractions. An executive rehab helps you do this in the most effective and successful way possible.


An executive alcohol rehab does involve higher costs, but when you choose a quality program like Valiant Recovery these extra costs are used to hire professional staff, and to provide an upscale residential facility where your comfort and recovery are the top priorities. This executive rehab program feels more like a vacation, except for the fact that you are constantly working on your recovery with the guidance of experts in the fields that they represent. Individualized treatment plans are custom designed for each client, and our rehab program for CEO’s includes at least four hours each week of one on one counseling. No matter what your addiction is, alcohol, drugs, sex, or another issue, we can help at Valiant Recovery. Our staff of caring and experienced professionals will help you get your life back. If you or someone you love has an addiction problem and can afford an executive rehab call Valiant Recovery today to find out more.



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