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Eye Opening Substance Abuse Statistics

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When it comes to substance abuse the statistics found can be frightening and may serve as an eye opener for many people. The reasons that you use tobacco, alcohol, or street drugs can be complex, and each user may have various reasons for this behavior. The jails and prisons around the country are filled with people who ran into legal trouble due to addiction and substance abuse issues. Hospitals and emergency rooms frequently see people who have overdosed or who are in medical trouble because of drugs or alcohol. Effective substance abuse treatment can be beneficial but many rehabs and facilities have very high relapse rates and few offer the opportunity for a full and complete recovery that is permanent.




One interesting statistic shows that prevention and education that is provided to children and teens can be the most effective at curbing substance abuse in these age groups. According to a 2010 survey by the National Household Survey on Drug Abuse there are more than 22 million Americans who suffer from some form of substance abuse or addiction. This study and others show that roughly 7% of people who are 12 or older report binge drinking on a regular basis. Tobacco smokers in the USA alone total around 70 million, and more than 22 million people with a minimum age of 12 years old have reported inhalant use and abuse. A terrifying statistic shows that at least 750,000 people each year will use an inhalant drug for the first time, and this is in spite of the increased education that is offered on these drugs.


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