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Enter Yourself or a Loved into the “Treatment Giveaway.”

Valiant Recovery Inc. is pleased to offer 2 lucky submissions the chance to win a free 30 day Addiction Treatment Program.

In recognition of their 10th Anniversary, Valiant Recovery Inc. is offering Two Free 30 day Addiction Treatment Programs. One to the Top male submission and one to the Top female submission of the Essay Contest. Valiant Recovery has a mandate to see Addiction Reduced and Families Restored.

How to use the contest form:

In the middle of the page on the left side is a button located inside a title bar.

Click the Button that says “Submit Entry” 

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Total votes for the Contest "Free Rehab Essay Submission" : 41


Hello my name is Bryan Mahon….i am 37, i was born in Prince Rupert Bc to drug addicted and alcoholic parents, they split shortly after mom who was 15 when she had my sister and 18 when she has me took us to Calgary Alberta when in was a year old and my nightmare truly started, i grew up in Abbydale, to my mother who was just…angry neglectful and will burn herself to death before truly admitting fault “though if it benefits her she will”, my step dad was a quiet angry dangerous man who rarely spoke to Cora and i unless it was to.

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After you are registered it will take you to a form where you can start writing your submission.

Being very descriptive and detailed in your submission will hopefully be compelling for readers and they will get a chance to vote on your story so that you can increase your odds of winning the contest.

It is recommended to add a photo of some sort as it will bring extra attention for your submission and hopefully extra votes.

To follow along contest updates it is recommend to be a current follower of Valiant Recovery on Facebook. You may also Post and Share your submission on other Social Media (eg Facebook , Twitter etc) encourage friends and family to help support you in the contest. The easiest way to do this is by clicking on your photo and using the Share buttons provided.

Some good items to include in your Essay are:

Mention some early life events that bring fond memories.

Mention How Addiction has crept in and changed things.

Mention some of the many positive characteristics and qualities that they possess.

Mention what winning this program would mean to you or your loved one.

Voting will commence after a minimum of 5 contestants have registered and filled out their profiles. The winner will be announced the 15th of November. Please see contest rules and regulations for full details.