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Hello my name is Bryan Mahon….i am 37, i was born in Prince Rupert Bc to drug addicted and alcoholic parents, they split shortly after mom who was 15 when she had my sister and 18 when she has me took us to Calgary Alberta when in was a year old and my nightmare truly started, i grew up in Abbydale, to my mother who was just…angry neglectful and will burn herself to death before truly admitting fault “though if it benefits her she will”, my step dad was a quiet angry dangerous man who rarely spoke to Cora and i unless it was to.

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My bff and i were dating for the 3.5 years she is my first and only true love . We broke up cause her feeling she gets doesnt know what they are her emotions are over the place she is bipolar,ptsd and depressed myself and everysone else sees and feels she is in love with me but she dont feel or see it . Weve been doing speed pills for the last 3 years i have recently with no problems she wants to but scared to face reality and i think if she can quite it will be easier to get her emotional wall down and realise what the rest of us our seeing .

Author : Night911us

My son Jeff is a drug addict….we had a beautiful, normal life with 3 sons who did everything together. Jeff is the eldest at age 45, he began using drugs at 18. He has been homeless for the past 10 years, in and out of jail. I’m amazed at how intelligent he still is after all the drug abuse. He has a beautiful daughter, almost 15, but he hasn’t seen her in 8 years. If he could get treatment and not just being sent to recovery houses, I truly believe he could flourish. He wants to succeed in life and I tell him it’s never too late.

Author : Susan Pawlitsky Morabito

I had what seemed like a relatively trouble free childhood.  I spent my time swimming in the summers along a long stretch of water on a pristine lake.  In the winters I would go skiing and I loved the feeling of cool air on my face and fresh air in my lungs. It astounded me that as middle aged man I would turn to drugs and drinking to get my need for excitement met.  I have been clean before and would love to be clean again and this contest would truly help me get on the right track.  -Please help me by sharing and voting for me

Author- J.S

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