Helpful Tips for Identifying Heroin Abuse or Addiction

heroin abuse or addiction, heroin addiction, heroin usersIf you suspect that a friend or loved one is struggling with heroin abuse or addiction there are some helpful tips that can help you uncover this activity. Most people who abuse heroin can not keep up the appearance of a normal life for long, because of the effects that this devastating drug has. The symptoms exhibited will be different when the individual is under the influence of heroin than how they act when they are withdrawing. Most heroin users will have certain items and types of paraphernalia that may be needed to use the drug. This can include razor blades, straws, mirrors, syringes, spoons, cotton balls, and similar items. Once full blown heroin addiction sets in the user may quit caring who knows about their substance abuse, and the effects of heroin are so strong that the person may have difficulty staying awake and will nod off and doze even while sitting or standing. If you notice that the behavior, appearance, or habits of someone that you care about has changed and you suspect heroin abuse or addiction it is important to act quickly. Depending on the circumstances you can discuss your concerns with the individual, purchase a home drug screen and ask them to take a test, or discuss your fears with a professional. Some individuals may become very angry or aggressive if confronted, especially if they are withdrawing from the drug. Heroin addiction may cause changes in weight, and heroin users may seem to be physically ill when they are withdrawing from this dangerous drug.

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