Heroin Addiction Treatment Should Not End Upon Hospital Discharge According to New Research Study

heroin addiction treatment, hospital discharge

A new research study shows that heroin addiction treatment should not stop when a patient has been given a hospital discharge, instead the treatment for substance abuse needs to continue even after the patient has left the hospital. This helps to ensure relapse prevention and a continued recovery after inpatient heroin addiction treatment. Dr. Jane Liebshutz of the Boston Medical Center was the research study leader, and the study followed 139 individuals who were receiving inpatient heroin addiction treatment and who had not previously received substance abuse treatment for this problem. The results showed that continued therapy after hospital discharge helps with relapse prevention and can provide a better permanent recovery. This is especially important with heroin addiction treatment because of the higher than average relapse rates that this drug actually has.

Heroin addiction treatment needs to be a long term plan in order to provide relapse prevention, and this means that outpatient heroin addiction treatment is needed after the hospital discharge. A Christian rehab or luxury inpatient program will typically offer a better than average recovery rate, but only if the right treatment methods are included. During the inpatient heroin addiction treatment it is important that individual therapy and one on one counseling is provided several times a week. This will help the user work through the underlying issues and allow any invisible wounds to finally heal. According to Dr. Jane Liebshutz, the leader of the study “Unfortunately, referral to substance abuse treatment after discharge is often a secondary concern of physicians caring for hospitalized patients. However, our results show that we can have a marked impact on patient’s addiction by addressing it during their hospitalization.”


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