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How Does Addiction Happen?

Addiction, recovery, substance abuse treatment

Addiction is a big problem for many people, and often even substance abuse treatment does not allow the user to recover fully from this destructive behavior. What causes addiction though, and how does this problem happen? The reasons for addiction are numerous, and each individual may use drugs or alcohol for different reasons. That is one of the reasons why addiction may be so hard to overcome, and if the roots of the substance abuse are not uncovered and treated then a permanent recovery can not occur. Invisible wounds and hidden traumas may cause a void in the individual, and the drugs or alcohol fill this void. Addressing these and finally allowing them to heal will allow recovery to take place.


When the individual uses drugs or alcohol over a period of time this affects the pleasure center of the brain, and changes the chemicals and thought processes of the user. Neurotransmitters may decrease as a result of the substance abuse and the user may find that more of the drug or alcohol is required just to feel normal and avoid any withdrawal symptoms. The production of serotonin and other neurotransmitters may be lower because of the drug or alcohol abuse. The professionals at Valiant Recovery are extremely experienced and knowledgeable about the methods needed in order to stop addiction once and for all. We have found that individual and spiritual counseling must be utilized if a permanent recovery is possible. Group therapy and numerous other treatment options are also offered in order to give clients the best shot at success possible.


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