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How Sober Is Your Attorney?

addicted legal professionals, substance abuse among lawyers

There are many times that a legal professional is required, and one of the most important questions that should be asked about any attorney is how competent they are to handle the tasks involved. Many people never stop to question how sober a lawyer is though, and that can be a big mistake. There have been reports of attorneys in New York and other areas who have accepted cocaine and other illegal street drugs in exchange for legal representation, and then there are the professionals who are so wasted that they can not keep track of what is going on in your case. In a civil proceeding the consequences can be financially devastating but if you need help with criminal charges the stakes are even higher. Would you hire a lawyer that you knew had a substance abuse problem or an addiction?


Lawyers are often their own boss, and this means that few undergo drug and alcohol screening for cause. Since an attorney may own their own firm and be in charge of making all the decisions the odds of finding out about any substance abuse is small. There are no supervisors to question the ethics or the responsibilities that the legal adviser has, and few remedies for clients who find out later on that they received shoddy representation because of substance abuse. If substance abuse or unethical behavior can be proven then a complaint may be filed with the bar but there is often no way to prove these allegations. Attorneys who need substance abuse help will benefit most from an executive rehab where excellent results and complete confidentiality are offered.

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