How To Deal With New Year’s Events If You Are In Recovery!

how to handle parties without relapsing, New Year's events during recoveryNew Year celebrations are full of fun, festivity, and also the bubbly. Champagne, wines, and other alcoholic drinks are typically found at these events. What if you are in recovery though, and alcohol should be avoided completely? Should you stay home and skip the celebrations or risk temptation and a possible relapse if you are not careful? There are many ways that you can enjoy this holiday without imbibing, and staying sober does not have to be difficult if you plan ahead and prepare accordingly. You may worry that you will have to explain your situation in order to turn down drinks but this may not be the case. You can always use the excuse of a medical diet that does not allow alcohol due to certain conditions or medications.


Ginger ale appears almost identical to champagne, with the fizz and the pale appearance that will appear in every glass. You can discuss this with the host of the event ahead of time, or hold the party yourself and simply substitute ginger ale for champagne in your own glass. No one else will realize or probably care what you are toasting with and consuming, especially as the evening wears on. You can arrange for a get together at your choice of venue and this will put you in control as the host. Family gatherings may not be as stressful and you may be able to insist on nonalcoholic beverages without creating a scene or adding pressure to drink alcohol. You can also make prior arrangements with the family member hosting the celebration if you are uncomfortable with everyone knowing about your issues.


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