How to Recognize a Codependent Relationship

codependent relationship, healthy relationship

Learning how to recognize a codependent relationship is important. Many people are in this type of relationship, and they either fail to see it or they are in denial about the situation. Those who have substance abuse issues, those who tend to be caregivers and people pleasers, and many others have codependency traits. A codependent relationship is dysfunctional and unhealthy. Some ways to identify this type of relationship include:

  • Putting others first all the time. If you put the needs of someone else over your own needs and you always put yourself second then this is not healthy.
  • Putting your relationship above yourself. Codependent relationships are one sided even if the term suggests otherwise.
  • A lack of boundaries. If you are codependent then you will have a hard time saying no or setting boundaries with others.

If you are in a codependent relationship then you should seek treatment, whether you are the spouse of an alcoholic,you are the one with the substance abuse issues, or there are other codependency issues involved. There are support groups for spouses and family members of those who have substance abuse problems, and there are also other treatment options as well. In a relationship both partners need to think of themselves as well as their significant other in order for the relationship to be healthy. If this is not the case then you are probably in a codependent relationship and treatment may be needed, otherwise things will continue along the same way and there will not be a happy ending.

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