Our Professional Support Staff at VALIANT RECOVERY



Our Team at Valiant Recovery is a group of well qualified individuals whose main desire is to see others set free from the chains of addiction, and living their life with purpose. Valiant’s team is comprised of addiction counselors, clinical psychologists, social workers, trainers, and other experts in their fields.


*More individual information about each of our team members is located in the sidebar.


Valiant Team:

CEO’s: Royce and LeeAnn Dockrill


Clinical Director, and Lead Councelor: David Langille


Alternate Councellors: Don Straub, Dianne Beamish


Facilitators: Jennie Anagnostopoulos, Mitch Reich, Christie Brown, Curtis Mctavish


Massage Therapist : Tia Cherneski


Admissions: Royce Dockrill


Art Therapy: LeeAnn Dockrill


Chiropractor: Troy Weilgosz



Contact our Team @ 1.877.958.8247





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