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Inhalant Abuse Is Becoming A Huge Problem With Teens!

inhalant abuse, signs of inhalant use

Inhalant abuse is becoming a big problem across the USA, and teens and young adults tend to huff substances at higher rates than other age groups. If you child is huffing would you know the signs or be aware of the dangers that this form of substance abuse has? Deodorant, spray paint, hair spray, model glue, liquid cement, cooking spray, and many common household items are used by individuals to get high. Engaging in this behavior can be fatal, and many teens dies each year while others suffer permanent brain damage that can not be reversed. This activity may be called huffing, sniffing, or bagging, depending on how the substance is used. One statistic puts the number of children aged 12 and over who have admitted to this type of substance abuse in the past as high as 10%.




All parents should be aware of the risks and warning signs of inhalant abuse. This behavior can lead to speech that is slurred, a loss of inhibitions, hallucinations, delusions, permanent and debilitating brain damage, paralysis, loss of sight or hearing, and even a fatal heart failure. These risks are just as high for first time users as they are when the substance is chronically abused. Common signs that inhalant abuse is a problem include:




  • Paint or other substances on the skin, especially the hands and face
  • Rags that have been soaked with a substance
  • Frequent chemical odors on or around the child
  • Large numbers of empty containers of household cleaners or other products
  • Frequent irritability
  • A loss of coordination
  • Confusion or the inability to think clearly




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