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Is Food Addiction A Real Problem Or Just Another Excuse?

Right now many mental health experts believe that food addiction is a very real problem, and this issue can be compounded when the holidays roll around. For many Thanksgiving is a time for overindulgence and excess, and Christmas revolves around food traditions as well. If you have a problem saying no to food or excessive eating then you could be addicted. You must eat to live, but when a food addiction occurs much of the eating is done in response to psychological factors and not true hunger. This can lead to obesity, poor health, and even social awkwardness. A food addiction requires treatment just like any other type, and if this is not received some individuals could end up eating themselves into the grave.


Individuals who are addicted to eating often choose very unhealthy items to snack on. These are usually high in sugar and calories but empty of important nutrients and antioxidants. Obesity can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other medical conditions. There are some who do not understand this type of addiction though. A common misconception is that this is caused by a lack of willpower. The truth is that the foods chosen cause gratification in the brain in the same way that drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, and gambling do in other individuals. The addiction itself is caused by a psychological and spiritual void that must be addressed so that recovery can begin. If this does not happen then excessive consumption will continue and you continue the destructive cycle.

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