Is Naloxene the Solution to the Current Heroin Abuse Epidemic?

Can naloxene help treat heroin abuse

Heroin abuse is becoming a public safety issue, and there is an epidemic of this type of drug abuse that continues to grow and spread. Heroin abuse carries a very real risk of overdose which can lead to death, but there is a possible solution that more law enforcement and emergency first responders are being trained to use. Naloxone is a drug that can counteract heroin in the system, reversing an overdose and possibly saving the life of the user. More and more medical professionals are advocating for heroin users and their loved ones to have access to this life saving drug and the training necessary to use it properly. When heroin is purchased there is no way for the user to know the actual strength of the drug, or even if it has been cut with other opiates like Fentanyl which can greatly increase the potency of heroin.

In the last few years Naloxone has been credited with saving a number of lives. The drug reverses the effects of the heroin abuse in the body. Heroin depresses all of the systems, including the respiratory system. When an overdose happens the user will start to experience breathing that is shallow, sporadic, or that stops completely. Blood circulation also slows and then stops. The brain and other vital organs start being deprived of oxygen and blood, causing them to have trouble functioning properly. Naloxone starts to reverse these problems as soon as the drug is given, and time is critical. Even a few minutes without sufficient oxygen and blood flow can lead to permanent and irreversible damage to the brain and other organs. Anyone who knows someone who abuses heroin could benefit from training on how to use Naloxone. It could be a matter of life and death for someone that you care about.

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