Sex Addiction

Is Sex Addiction a Mental Disorder? Is This Condition Even Real?

is sex addiction a mental disorder?

Sex addiction is a phrase that is used by almost every celebrity who ever got caught with their pants down, and this term is often used as an excuse so that the individual gains sympathy and does not have to take responsibility for their own actions. Is this actually a mental disorder though? Just like an addiction to gambling, food, and other factors that do not involve drugs or alcohol many people doubt that sex addiction is an actual problem. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM, does not include sex addiction as an actual diagnosis but this should not be seen as evidence that this type of condition can not have a devastating impact on your life and the lives of those around you.

Sex addiction is not classified as a mental disorder but many mental health experts view this condition as a type of compulsion. This type of addiction has the same mechanisms and outcomes as substance abuse in many cases and it can ruin your life. The reward system in your brain is triggered by sex, rather than drugs or alcohol, and the process and results are generally the same in either case. Compulsive sexual behavior can be a big problem, destroying your marriage, your finances, your home life, your family, and even your career in some cases. Healthy coping strategies and treatment for compulsion can be effective if you have a sex addiction but this disorder is not viewed as a mental illness just yet.

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