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Is The Rate Of Dual Diagnosis For Military Veterans Higher Than The General Public?

dual diagnosis, treatment for veterans with dual diagnosis

When it comes to dual diagnosis are military members are at a higher risk than the general population? Recent studies are starting to show that this is probably the case. With males this increased risk is found across all military branches and most occupations. With women the higher risks are most common in the Marines and the Navy branches, but is seen at smaller increases across the other branches. Our military members have fought for the country and protected the population, yet they are more likely than non military individuals to drink excessively or abuse drugs due to mental disorders. Post traumatic stress disorder is one of the mental disorders that is frequently seen in this population due to experiences in combat zones or times of war and political stress.




There is a lack of qualified substance abuse programs that can make the diagnosis and treat dual diagnosis patients. Many veterans find that they are left out in the cold, and that help which actually works and that treats both issues at the same time is hard to find. Typical substance abuse treatment programs are not effective if you are also wrestling with psychological disorders at the same time. Without effective treatment for both conditions a relapse is the most likely outcome. For veterans mental health treatment is critical , and if it is not received then substance abuse and worsening mental illness symptoms are common results. The right dual diagnosis treatment facility and program is the most important decision that any veteran can make, and government sponsored programs do not have high rates of success.


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