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Is Your Teen Using Drugs or Alcohol?

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Teen substance abuse is a big problem across the USA, and the world. Many teenagers start to experiment with drugs or alcohol, hiding this activity from parents and authority figures. The signs of substance abuse or addiction are not always easy for parents to spot and this can allow the teen to become more deeply involved in the drug or alcohol use. The teen years are typically known for physical changes and emotional upheaval so it may not always be easy to determine if the individual is just suffering from these changes or if they have started abusing substances as well. One sign to watch for is unusual sleep patterns, but this can also be seen when teens are going through a growth spurt or have issues that are troubling them as well.


If you notice that your teen frequently needs money, or you suspect that criminal activity like theft or burglary are occurring, then this may be a sign of substance abuse and addiction. Drugs and alcohol can be an expensive habit to maintain and teens may start to steal from friends, family, and even strangers or retail establishments in order to feed their habits. If the teen is arrested for any substance related offense, like a minor in possession or operating under the influence, then this is a big sign that there are substance abuse problems. If you suspect that your teen has a problem with drugs, alcohol, or other addictive behaviors and issues then Valiant Recovery can help.