Prescription Pain Killer Abuse

Many Prescription Drugs can Interfere With Substance Abuse Recovery

prescription drugs, substance abuse recovery

If you are working on substance abuse recovery then there are many prescription drugs which could cause problems for you. Just because you have struggled with substance abuse this does not mean that you may not have a need for certain legitimate prescription medications in the future, but you need to be aware that certain types or categories of drugs could cause additional substance abuse issues. It is very important that you are honest with any physician who treats you about any drug or alcohol abuse in your past. This will help the physician determine the best possible treatment for any medical condition that you have while minimizing the risks of certain prescription drugs which may increase your chance of a relapse.

If you are in substance abuse recovery and the physician gives you prescription drugs even though the doctor knows about your history if addiction then you should use caution while taking the medications. If a prescription painkiller is medically required then you need to weigh the benefits of keeping your pain under control against the risk of further addiction. If you must take these types of prescription drugs then it is important that you minimize their use as much as possible. This will help lower your relapse risks while ensuring that your medical needs are appropriately treated. The fact that you have required treatment and you are in substance abuse recovery means that you are more likely to become addicted to certain types of prescription drugs, and caution is needed even in situations where there is a need for these drugs in a medical setting.



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