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Medical Marijuana Use Can Still Lead To Addiction

marijuana addiction, medical marijuana use

A number of states have passed medical marijuana laws in recent years, and two have even passed laws decriminalizing the recreational use of this drug. At times this can lead to a false sense of safety and security though because users may believe that since the drug is legal it must not be addictive. It is important to remember that alcohol is also legal and many in the USA suffer from alcoholism in spite of this fact. Just because certain states and lawmakers decided to basically decriminalize marijuana use and possession for certain groups this does not make the drug safe to use for everyone or even advisable in many situations. There are concerns that the recent legal changes will result in even higher addiction rates as more individuals light up or consume pot laced treats.




The scientific studies on the medical benefits of marijuana are still not clear. Some studies have shown that this plant can have certain benefits for cancer patients and the terminally ill but many who claim medical need do not fall into these severe categories. Other studies including a recently released clinical research trial shows that this plant can cause brain inflammation and impairment in certain motor and cognitive functions. If a marijuana addiction occurs then immediate substance abuse treatment should be sought. This will ensure that the addiction is eliminated and marijuana can not cause any further damage or physical harm to the user. It is possible to recover permanently from a marijuana addiction when the right treatment and therapy methods are used.




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