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Methamphetamine Use Can Cause Serious Medical Complications

meth medical complications, methamphetamine use

The use of methamphetamine can cause many medical complications, up to and including death. This drug affects the cardiovascular system and can create havoc in the body. When meth is used then the user will typically experience an increase in heart rate and blood pressure almost immediately. An irregular heartbeat can be problematic and if the heart rhythm is not stable this can lead to a cardiac arrest or other cardiac event. Strokes are also common with chronic methamphetamine use because the smaller blood vessels in the brain may become damaged over time, and these can rupture. Users may also experience an elevation in their body temperature. This condition is called hyperthermia and it can lead to serious dangers including convulsions, brain damage, or even death.


Chronic methamphetamine use can also cause damage to the heart and other organs. Inflammation in the heart could cause this organ to become enlarged and to work less efficiently pumping blood through the body. Certain mental disorders may become apparent with long term methamphetamine use as well. Since the user often goes days without sleep paranoia, depression, and even psychosis can result. The mental changes that occur with speed may be difficult to reverse, even after the drug is stopped. In some cases it could take months or even longer for the mental symptoms to disappear again. Those who inject the drug can end up with abscesses and life threatening infections that can enter the bloodstream and result in death without medical treatment. If you or someone you care about has a problem with methamphetamine then let Valiant Recovery help you find the path to a permanent recovery.


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