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Mick Brown, The Drummer For Ted Nugent, Steals Golf Cart And Faces Numerous Charges

DUI, Mick Brown, Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent’s drummer Mick Brown is facing a number of charges in Bangor, Maine after a recent concert in this city. Apparently Brown was drinking, got drunk, and decided to steal a golf cart. The drummer was seen by witnesses driving the golf cart, which had been stolen from the venue where the concert was held. Witnesses reported that Brown was driving the cart recklessly along a foot path at the venue. Security officers tried to stop Brown but he initially resisted their efforts. Brown drove past the security officers at a high rate of speed and then proceeded to shove one of the security officers as he drove past. Eventually the security officers were successful in removing Mick Brown from the stolen golf cart and he was subsequently arrested.




Mick Brown was charged for DUI, theft, assault, and driving to endanger others. Brown. Maybe the lifestyle of a rock star is not the best choice for Brown, who is in obvious need of substance abuse treatment for alcohol abuse. The bail for this incident was $4,000, which Brown paid shortly after being arrested. It is very possible that the judge who sentences Brown will insist on substance abuse treatment as part of any sentence. All of the charges against Brown can be serious and carry the possibility of jail time, as well as severe fines and other sentencing conditions. Whether or not Mick Brown is sorry for his actions has yet to be seen. There is also no word on what Ted Nugent thinks about this whole situation. 


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