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New Years Eve is Approaching Fast. What New Year Resolutions Will You Make?

New Year resolutions, New Years EveNew Years Eve is coming up quick, and this is the time to make new year resolutions in order to be a better person or change your life in some way. What resolutions will you make this year? Are you hoping to lose weight, relax more, or do you want to recover from substance abuse? Millions of people around the world struggle with alcohol and drug abuse, and this holiday can be hard to stay sober during because everyone is drinking, partying, and celebrating. You do not have to follow the crowd though, if you are in recovery it is okay to say no when asked if you want a drink. If you need treatment for substance abuse then getting help when the new year rolls around can be the best way to start 2015 so that you spend it sober and recovering.

If you have a new years resolution to stay sober then you may want to avoid New Years Eve events where alcohol or drugs will be offered, because you may find yourself tempted to indulge even though you know you shouldn’t. Why not spend this holiday at home, surrounded by family and friends who support you in your fight for recovery instead? You can serve mocktails instead of cocktails, and enjoy the evening with those who truly care about you and want to see you back on your feet. This can be much more rewarding than a large party, and you will remove any temptation so you can relax and have fun without relapsing. If you need help for substance abuse this is a good time to seek it out as well.

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