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New Years Is A Relapse Trigger For Many Addicts!

New Years for recovering addicts, substance free holiday plans

New Years is a time for parties and celebrations. If you are an addict then it is a time that may be ripe with triggers and relapse contributors though. Many believe that this time calls for drinks and merriment, but if you are recovering alcoholic or drug addict then this is exactly what you need to avoid. Everywhere you go you may be bombarded by ads, scenes from celebrations, and talk of drinking or abusing other substances as a routine part of plans for this holiday. This can make you much more likely to relapse if you are not careful, and all of the exposure may create an enormous amount of stress that can trigger a relapse. In the modern world it is not usually possible to isolate yourself and get away from temptation but there are steps you can take.


Instead of making plans to attend the hottest celebration in town for New Years why not plan on attending a meeting instead? This can help you get away from all the temptation and reinforce the importance of sobriety instead of contributing to your relapse. Another option is to hold your own celebration that is substance free. If this is your plan then make sure that only those who are supportive of your recovery are invited, and that everybody knows that alcohol or drugs will not be permitted at all. Those who love you will be willing to support your recovery efforts and celebrate substance free. This support can help ensure that you do not relapse during this holiday and make it a joyful time.


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