Opioid Abuse and Addiction Treatment in Higher Demand in the USA as More Seek Help

More adolescents and adults in the USA are seeking out opioid abuse and addiction treatment according to a new report by the American government. The abuse and addiction rates for heroin and prescription opioid medications has reached epidemic proportions and the number of overdose deaths caused each year in this single country are staggering. In response the FDA recently approved the use of a drug that can reverse an overdose of opioid drugs before permanent damage can be done if the drug is administered quickly enough after the dose of opioid is taken. Alcohol still holds the #1 spot when it comes to substance abuse treatment services sought, but heroin and other opioid drugs are not far behind.

A news release from Kana Enomoto, the SAMHSA Acting Administrator, details the increase in opioid abuse, and the larger percentage of individuals who are actively seeking addiction treatment. Enomoto stated in the release that “Whether people are struggling with alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit substances, seeking help is a critical step toward achieving recovery. Time and again, research has demonstrated that treatment helps people with substance-use disorders to regain their lives. As with other life-threatening conditions, this step can be the difference between life and death. We need to encourage people to seek help. Treatment works. People recover.” Anyone who has a problem with heroin, prescription pain medications, alcohol, or other substance types needs to seek help for these problems. Until the issues are addressed and resolved the substance abuse will continue to ruin your life.

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