Our Staff


Royce Dockrill Interventionist RPS,  LeeAnn Dockrill RPS

Chief Executive Officer / Chief Operating Officer / Interventionist / Relapse Prevention Specialists

Royce and LeeAnn together form a strong team, having owned and operated their own businesses for the past sixteen years. They have taken on many challenges in life, and overcome them with confidence and faith. Royce and LeeAnn oversee all the daily aspects of Valiant recovery.

Royce and LeeAnn have both completed there intervention training, and are certified Relapse Prevention Specialists, through the Genesis Process.

Royce and LeeAnn have a zeal to help others. Their ambition in life was to become successful, for the ultimate purpose of turning around and helping others. When the opportunity arose to become CEOs of Valiant Recovery, they were already looking for ways to help those affected by the trap of addictions. Seeing the devastation that addiction has brought to so many individuals and their families, gave them a passion to see others not merely helped, but truly set free. Valiant Recovery was a perfect fit into Royce and LeeAnn’s vision to help others. Now they bring that passion with them to Valiant Recovery, keeping that vision alive and growing stronger every day with the entire team.

In their spare time Royce and LeeAnn take joy in volunteering. LeeAnn has led different areas and events with Children’s ministries in their local church, and is part of prayer and prophetic ministries. Royce donates his spare time helping out in the audio department at their local church, and other churches abroad.

God created everyone with a purpose. Our desire is that you would fulfill your God given purpose in life, living your life to its fullest. Life is not just about you, but also about what you can do for others!!!

Jennie Anagnostopoulos RPS

Program Manager

Jenny coordinates and oversees the client programs and general operation of the facilities here at Valiant Recovery.  She is a certified Relapse prevention Specialist with the Genesis Process, a relapse prevention program.

Jenny Facilitates a variety of courses at Valiant Recovery related to addiction. and specializes in helping client form healthy boundaries.  Jenny loves teaching courses and leading others to become stronger individuals, teaching them to guard their life and emotions. It is her desire that everyone is able to be free from the problems that grip them and to experience a new freedom in life.  Jenny began working in residential treatment programs in 2003, and has worked with many individuals struggling with addiction and sexual abuse outside of these programs as well.

Jenny, also plays a role in our kitchen, after working years on the food industry, she enjoys preparing delicious healthy meals.

Christy Brown

Facilitator, Relapse Prevention Specialist

Christy has spent over 15 years of her life doing what she loves; counselling teens, women, men, and couples.  In addition she was a full time youth ministry counsellor for 4 years, and trained and volunteered with Hospice.

Christy has a  passion for people, helping them with challenges and getting to the core reasons,  the WHY behind their addictions, and compulsions.  By helping them work through courses such as co-dependency, boundaries, grief and loss, and forgiveness, she is able to see lives strengthened.  Helping individuals suffering in there marriages and relationships, is one of her favorite areas, she has extensive experience and training in this area as well.

Christy also enjoys spending time in the kitchen creating good  “home style cooking”.

“I enjoy spending time with the clients and getting to know them on a real level and relate to them as a person.  I like to laugh, have fun and have a good sense of humor, because although things might be tough and hard work, it is important to laugh and see the light side as well as dig deep and get things dealt with.”  Christy

Curtis McTavish ACSW


Curtis comes to us with a strong background of life experience and education in addiction as well as multiple years of personal recovery. When Curtis is not at work you can find him volunteering at various homeless shelters in the community and working with “At Risk Youth”.
“I believe recovery is a journey that never has to be taken alone. We all need guidance and support to have our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs met.It is my purpose and my path to help anyone who is ready to make this journey”.

Tia Cherneski RMT

CranioSacral Therapy and Massage

Tia Cherneski has studied at the Upledger Institute which is the founding organization of “CranioSacral Therapy”. She has completed advance work in this modality and continues to upgrade her skills and knowledge through further training at the Institute. She has also successfully completed training in the Onsen technique specializing in pain management using a structural and osteopathic approach. She also has training in visceral manipulation, somato emotional release, swedish massage, deep tissue, hot stone and aromatherapy. Tia has earned her Bachelor of Social Work degree and has had a wide range of experiences including counselling, family support work, and international development.
Tia is a member of the International Association for Healthcare Practitioners and Namasta, a North American organization for mind-body professionals.

Dr. Troy Weilgosz

Chiropractor, Columnist and Instructor

Dr. Troy is a Chiropractor, trained with a holistic philosophy. Chiropractic is based on the fact that your body is self-healing and self-regulating. Chiropractors focus on ensuring that your body’s own innate healing ability is working at its best. By specializing in the care of your spine, Chiropractors influence the system that runs all other systems of your body. Only Chiropractors provide a comprehensive solution to take care of the health of your spine and nerve system, and ultimately your body.

Dr. Troy is a 5th generation chiropractor and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic where the profession started over one hundred years ago! Being able to help people become healthy is why he became a Chiropractor. After graduating, he migrated west to the beautiful Okanagan Valley to set up a family based practice in 1993.

Dr. Troy uses the Pro adjuster as well as manual adjustments. Using the Pro adjuster Troy is able to help many patients who may have feared chiropractic adjustments, now sit comfortably and without tension through their adjustment.

You can also find Dr Troy on Castanet.net. His column “Wellness and You, with Dr Troy” talks about relevant issues today concerning everyone’s health and welfare.

Dr. Troy has always had two passions in life. One was to have a family, the other was to be a chiropractor. Now married with four children, he spends his summers swimming in the lake with his family, gardening with his wife, golfing with his friends and reading for himself. Winters are spent up at Big White where he watches his family tear up the slopes! He is also an instructor with the Canadian Ski Patrol. Finally, he has had the privilege over the last dozen years to volunteer in children’s ministries and as a sound technician at Kelowna Christian Center.

Name: Jim Robertson

Title: Canadian Certified Counsellor #3305

A little bit about you: I am in my senior years and enjoying good health. I have a love of people and of the great outdoors. I hike and bike and involve myself in community service through membership in my local Rotary club

Bio and work: I hold a Bachelor degree in Christian Studies, from Prairie Bible Institute, major in Education, a Diploma in Christian Studies and a Master of Christian Studies from Regent College, counselling Concentration. I have been a professional counsellor for 28 years, the last eight in addictions treatment.

Why do you help with people in Recovery? I believe it is a calling to do so. I lived the “back to the land” life style in the hippy days of the 1970s and am grateful to God for His spiritual awakening that saved my life. He has given me empathy and understanding to serve as a coach and guide for those wishing to be free of addictive substances or processes.

A message to those in Recovery that may choose our services? Help is available. People at Valiant understand your disease and can help to empower you with new knowledge and skill to live life I healthy ways.

A few memories of helping someone at Valiant Recovery: I love helping those who are willing to help themselves. People who want to learn are the most satisfying to teach!

Why do you like working for Valiant Recovery? The dedication of knowledgeable staff and the high level of cooperation amongst them

What are the main benefits that you see for our clients? Living in a safe, supportive, educative environment while recovering from the physical, emotional and spiritual harm of addictions.

Name: Jenn Ward

Title: Admissions Coordinator

A little bit about you:  I’ve been the Admissions Coordinator with Valiant Recovery since April 2019. I got into this field because I have a passion for helping people, and having a personal past with addiction I can really relate to those struggling. When I’m out of the office, I enjoy painting, watching hockey, golfing and spending time with my husband, friends and family.

Bio and work: When you call for treatment, whether it’s for yourself or a loved one it takes a lot of courage. I’m the one on the other end of the call helping you get the information and support you need. I’m there to answer all your questions and help you take the next step.

Why do you help with people in Recovery?  As a previous addict myself, I understand the challenges we are faced with when looking to get clean. I know how scary and alone it can feel, my hope is that I can help others see the light at the end of the tunnel.  And at Valiant Recovery, I know this program stands out and has helped many recover including myself. 

A message to those in Recovery that may choose our services?  We are here to help you get your life back! Our staff are compassionate, empathetic and experienced. The programs offered will help you to understand your addiction better, and help you to see the bigger picture. We strive to help our clients achieve long term sobriety. 

A few memories of helping someone at Valiant Recovery: Being the Admissions Coordinator, I see clients when they first come in,  and some of my favorite moments are when I see those same clients later on in the program and get to witness the transformation taking place. I remember bringing in a client who was in really tough shape, and the next time I saw her was around 45 days into her program and I couldn’t believe the change! She was a completely different person, smiling and happy, she looked amazing! 

Why do you like working for Valiant Recovery?  This treatment center saved my life! I was so broken when I came in, and today my life is not something I could of even dreamed up back then! The fact that I have the opportunity to share that with others is such a blessing! If I can do it, anyone can!!

What are the main benefits that you see for our clients? Usually addiction is an outward response to internal wounds, we really try to focus on what’s going on internally, and help uncover the root. We will also help give you the tools to make healthier choices moving forward. I know for me personally, I continually practice what I learned in the program. Everything I learned really helps in everyday situations, they’re skills everyone can benefit from. 

Name: Curtis McTavish

Title: Addictions Facilitator

A little bit about you: I have worked in the field for close to 10 years now and I cant imagine doing any other type of work. I too struggled with addiction for many years and it was the Staff and people the at facilities like Valiant that made my recovery not only possible but successful. I know first hand on what it feels like to be broken and hopeless but I also know what it feels like to be healed and to live a life of gratitude that includes supporting others on their journey.

Bio and work:

Education: Social Work/Addictions Diploma from Vancouver Island University and Vancouver Career College. Non Violent Crisis Intervention Instructor.

Valiant Recovery Ltd- Addictions Facilitator, March 2012-Present

Axis Family Resources Ltd-Okanagan Branch Manager, Sept 2012-Present

Why do you help with people in Recovery?

I love to give back what was given to me in my own recovery. I am always excited to see the potential and then results of our Clients as they go through the process of their journey.

A message to those in Recovery that may choose our services?

To anyone that is suffering I encourage you to make the decision to come to Valiant and trust that you will find the support, education, healing and compassion here that you have been seeking. I have personally witnessed hundreds of people come through our doors so broken and hopeless but only to leave enlightened and well on their journey to a higher quality of life and healing.

A few memories of helping someone at Valiant Recovery:

There are so many great memories of success stories here at Valiant but a recent one that stands out for me is a young man in 20’s who had been in probably 6-7 treatment centers came to us on his death bed. He was able to dig deep into his pain and work through many barriers while he was with us. He is now a successful Salesman and has created an amazing life for himself.

What do you like teaching the most in course work:

I am probably most passionate about Relapse Prevention and Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms. While we are on this life long journey of recovery we need to understand these concepts so that we can be prepared on an individualized basis to overcome our unique situations. If we have a plan we will succeed.

Why do you like working for Valiant Recovery?

I love seeing the results for our clients. The Aha moments they experience are such a blessing to be part of.

What are the main benefits that you see for our clients?

The clients benefit in so many ways but I believe that we bring a unique experience for each one of them. We have amazing Counselor’s on Staff so the one on one time they receive is so important. The groups and the Psych-Social information is also invaluable to the clients success and they receive all of this during their stay with us.

Name: John Peters

Title: Facilitator/Counselor

A little bit about you: My Hobbies include art, music, and photography. I am a self-published author with several fiction and non-fiction books on Amazon including The Sojourner’s Guide to Knowing Jesus, A world in Transition, The Raven, and Vale Thomas (Out of the Shadows).

Bio and work: I am an ordained minister and have studied to show myself approved, and equipped for every good work. Graduate of the Professional Musicians College in Regina SK. – Bachelor of Theology – Master of theology/Major in Counseling –Doctor of Theology – Christian Certified Chaplin – Certified Psychologist

Why do you help with people in Recovery?

I have lived my whole life around broken and troubled people and families, have seen and suffered many forms of abuse. I have been broken and derelict, and have been fully restored through the love of God and the finished work of the Cross. My life’s work has been to help and heal those who are bound and bruised where ever possible. Luke 4:18

A message to those in Recovery that may choose our services?

I have personally seen and experienced that God is, and is a rewarder of them who are willing to accept his redeeming love. My message to those considering Valiant Recovery is simply this: God has lifted me out of darkness and despair, and has restored me to dignity and liberty. I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that He is more than able.

A few memories of helping someone at Valiant Recovery:

There have been numerous occasions that in facilitating the program material, I have been able to offer perspectives that helped to help the client understand how to apply the course work to their recovery.

What do you like teaching the most in course work?

I most enjoy seeing the clients grow and succeed in and through their efforts to work their programs.

Why do you like working for Valiant Recovery?

I like working for Valiant Recovery because of its Foundation, the love, confidence, and atmosphere.

What are the main benefits that you see for our clients?

The clients benefit short term because they learn where they stand, where they want to get to, and are given the necessary tools to get where they want to be. There is no end to the benefits that the clients continue to enjoy in their ongoing recovery.


Pam Hooper


Addictions Facilitator

A little bit about me

Instead of “wowing” you with many impressive achievements, I’m going to make a confession. It took me longer than most, to figure out where I wanted my life to go and how to get there. As a result, I found myself heading towards destinations that I knew I didn’t want to reach! Adversity, mistakes and consequences of poor choices are not the highlights of anyone’s life…but I believe we have a choice in how those events will affect us. Through those experiences, I recognized some of my greatest strengths, skills and qualities which in turn, pointed me in the direction I’d been searching for all along. Hi. My name is Pam and I’m an…impassioned facilitator at Valiant Recovery!

Bio and work

Being in service based positions is the best fit for who I am. As such, I’m very excited to be one of the newest members at Valiant recovery. Prior to joining this extraordinary team of dedicated educators, my  professional endeavors have included

• committing to (and succeeding at) turning the reputation and revenue of a small, struggling business around.

• working in a Retirement Resort, giving quality attention to the needs of the residents.

• helping adults with various mental challenges develop relevant workplace competencies, valuable personal habits and self confidence to secure positions of paid employment.

Why do you help with people in recovery

For every addict that succeeds in navigating their way through the challenges and responsibilities of long term recovery, the benefits ripple outward, touching families, friends, communities. Helping someone start their difficult journey with a solid foundation that will support their recovery, is for me, like opening a door of opportunity where the miraculous can and does happen.

What do you like teaching most in course work

My favorite course to teach, is one that speaks to the heart of a client. Each section (though equally valuable and able to create positive change when practiced) will be accepted by different people at different times. When I’m teaching a course to one or more people who are eager to learn all they can on the subject, it becomes my favorite…for that day!

Why do you like working at Valiant Recovery

Being part of this amazing, compassionate, dedicated team, makes the most challenging work day a pleasure because I know what we do at Valiant is making a difference in people’s lives.