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Pharmacy Robberies Are On The Rise, And These Coincide With An Increase In Opiate Abuse!

opiate addiction related crimes, pharmacy thefts and robberies

Opiate abuse is becoming a serious problem, and these prescription medications are the focus of extreme measures in many areas. Pharmacy robberies are on the rise and this is caused by the increase in individuals who use these types of drug. Opiates are pain medications, and they may be found under many names. Vicodin, morphine, oxycodone, percocet, roxycodone, and others all describe a prescription drug that contains an opiate in order to treat moderate or severe pain. These medications can be very addictive even when taken only as directed, and if they are abused the potential for addiction jumps up considerably. What happens when a physician will no longer prescribe the medication though? This may happen because the medical provider believes that the patient no longer requires this high degree of pain management or because they suspect a dependency or addiction is starting.

When the user can no longer go to the physician and then get the drug legally there are few other options available. It is possible to buy these on the street in many areas but they can be costly. Oxycodone may go for as much as $2 per milligram, with a 30 milligram dose selling for $60 or even more in some areas. Many users who become desperate because they can not legally obtain the opiate desired will try to rob a pharmacy in order to get their fix. This may involve the use of weapons or just threats, and the legal consequences can be years in prison even if no one is harmed. Some pharmacies have taken steps to prevent this, and a few have stopped carrying these types of medications completely.

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